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The company had policy to comply with guideline on corporate governance for directors listed company set by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (Attach 3 follow details ) and the Committee of the company shall be understood roles and responsibilites. For example, director had to comply with laws and regulations of the company, had integrity and responsibiltiy to shareholders, and had intention to continuous conducting the business. Director had to set policies and business of the company, and was responsible for the preparation of financial reports for the control of management to efficiently and effectively operate the business under determined policies.

In addition, the company appointed the Remuneration Committee to determine the reasonable reward, but appointing the Nominating Committee remained undone by company, considers that, currently, the consideration and decision making of this issues could effectively be conducted by The company's Board and Executive Board of the company. However, the company has Independent Committee and Audit Committee to help monitoring internal control system of the Company in order for the company operation to be transparent and for the highest profits to the company and shareholders.

In addition, criteria for the selection of Independent Director was in accordance with regulation of Stock Exchange of Thailand on the qualification of Independent Director. Examples of criteria are that independent director shall not hold position as management or full-time employee of the company, shall not be managing director or manager who has authority to take action on behalf of the company, and shall be independent from major shareholders, management, and related parties.

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